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Delaying her Coachella appearance last year was definitely worth it, the overall performance was filled with great moments such as many of her throwback hits to bringing her sister solange on stage with her to reuniting destinys child, but her outfits were not just detailed to perfection but they had meanings behind them.

Beyoncé and her team collaborated with Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, on five complete looks, each bearing symbols of black power

The centrepiece outfit consisted of a head dress, body suit and cape inspired by Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, embellished with thousands of black and gold sequins. Black feathers reflected used as decorations on the head dress Beyonce wore seen famously on the bust of Nefertiti, which was discovered in 1912 and has since become an icon of beauty and femininity. 

During her performance, Beyoncé wore a black latex suit with thigh-high boots, a sequinned bodysuit for her reunion with Destiny's Child and a monogrammed yellow sweatshirt, denim shorts and iridescent tinsel boots. 

Another look, a string t-shirt with the embellished detailed crest of Egyptian Queen on the bust, a bee, a black panther and a black fist, the crest was a powerful message of the singer's continuous support and acknowledgement of the black rights and black lives matter movement.

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