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Welcome to the "GIFTED" page where you will get access to all the freebies Yes you read correctly FREEBIES!!!!


All you have to do is follow us on instagram and subscribe to our website. 

Every month we will pick TEN people (sometimes fifteen) to receive some free gifts, you will be given a password to assess the “GIFTED” area of the website and all you have to do is select an option and go to checkout at £0 cost!!.


We will have all kinds of items from clothing to makeup to toiletries to home wear to gift bags etc basically ALL KINDS OF FUN THINGS.

We will do this on the first of every month, with the first month to be announced SOON!


So don’t delay sign up and follow us today (corny we know but we had to drop that line lol) 

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1. Follow @Highstreetstyled IG Page
2. Subscribe to our Newsletter
3. Wait until the first of every month
4. The followers we select will receive an email with a password to access the page where you will be able to select what you want from the listed options 
5. We post it to you.
It really is that simple
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