One thing i do like about this collection is that it is very Paris Hilton, Its Glits and Glamour on a budget and for that reason i will thumbs up this Paris Hilton x Boohoo collection. Lets be honest, most of us do not have Paris Hilton money YET, (lets speak the "yet" into existence) so if you can look the part whilst not having to spend a lot of money to do so then its a win win.


"Very Paris, inspired by my life and style, the early 2000s, Beverly Hill and Ibiza"

In the words of Paris

This dress is my fav from the collection but i have no idea how much it is or any details because for some reason it isn't on the website

G E T  T H E  L O O K

P   R   I   N   T   S

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The collection is definitely made up of a lot of prints and these are the prints that i loved and would definitely purchase, great for the summer season and fun for a holiday.

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