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“Spike Tee”, Teyana Taylor’s director name, a play on the legendary movie director Spike Lee.


Teyana Taylor’s self-directed her new music video for her song “How You Want It?, a collaboration with Christian “King” Combs, who in my opinion was a perfect choice for song simply because The nostalgic song samples Ma$e and Total’s ’90s hit “What You Want,” an era of music and style that inspires both Teyana and Christian’s musical sound and style today. Going even FURTHER back, Ma$e sampled a song from 70’s “Right On For The Darkness” by Curtis Mayfield.


The whole vibe of video pays tribute to classic ’90s videos such as Notorious Big ft Ma$e and Puff daddy (known now as Pdiddy) - Mo Money Mo Problems and LL Cool J’s “Do’in it well”.


Some of the most ICONIC fashion designer

from the 90’s era also helped create the stand out pieces for this music. 

Karl Kani designed the silver metallic two piece while Misa Hylton created the orange x brown jumpsuit and Bralet and of course stylist EJ King was all over this
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misa hylton | ej king | Karl Kani

our favourite look which it the Matallic two piece

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